• Annual Subscription/Reactivation Form

  • To keep your membership in force during your time with us, you must renew your membership every year by paying an annual subscription fee. Please contact the NCL office if you are unsure of your current membership level.

    Subscription/Reactivation fees (please circle your level)
    Student Member (Level 3-5) £38.50
    Associate Member (AMNCL - Level 6) £38.50
    Full Member (MNCL) £60.00

  • Learner details (complete clearly in BLOCK CAPITALS)

  • I certify I have read this annual subscription/reactivation form and the information I have provided is true and accurate.

  • Payment

  • Any other fee that is owed to NCL must be included with this application, or your annual subscription/reactivation form will not be processed. You can contact us for your account balance.

    ▪ Payment must be made by £ sterling cheque/draft drawn on a UK bank, by postal order or by credit/debit card
    ▪ Annual subscription/reactivation forms will not be accepted unless accompanied by the correct payment

  • Credit/Debit card payment form

  • I wish to pay by Visa Debt / Visa Credit / MasterCard Debit / MasterCard Credit / Diners / JCB / (delete as applicable)

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