Newcastle Law School students outperform against overall NCLAW results at the January 2019 exams

The January 2019 NCLAW exam results show another strong performance by Newcastle Law School students, once again outperforming the overall NCLAW results by a significant margin.

Newcastle Law School pass rates

At Level 3 our pass rate in the examined units was 79% compared with an overall NCLAW pass rate of 69%. The pass rate for all students who studied elsewhere was 61%. Our students achieved 100% pass rate in the professional skills units.*

At Level 6, Newcastle Law School’s pass rate in the examined units was 59% compared to an overall NCLAW pass rate of 53%. The pass rate for students studying with other training providers was 44%. The pass rate for professional skills was 100%*


Improve your chances of exam success

46% of all NCLAW Level 3 exams were taken by NCLAW students, and our students represented 52% of all Level 3 exam passes.

60% of all Level 6 exams were taken by NCLAW students, and NCLAW students accounted for 66% of all passes.


Congratulations from NCLAW Law School

Kim Morrison, Academic Director at NCLAW, said: “Congratulations to all our students who worked so hard to achieve these results. NCLAW exams are challenging, and everyone who succeeds deserves to feel very proud.”

In the student survey conducted amongst our NCLAW students earlier this month 93% of Level 3 students and 91 % of Level 6 students said they would recommend Newcastle Law School to their friends and colleagues.