Become an Approved Learning Centre

NLS offers its qualifications through numerous delivery centres globally. Prospective centres wishing to offer NLS qualifications must pursue the following stages in order to become an approved centre first.


Stage 1:

  • Prospective delivery centres express interest of becoming a centre.
  • An UKAP representative contacts the prospective centre to discuss requirements and guide through the centre approval process.
  • Centre emails complete Centre Application Form to with supporting documents.
  • Centre Fee is paid at this stage. Visit Fees Related Information page.


Stage 2:

    • UKAP representative contacts the centre to arrange a centre approval visit.

In most cases a centre approval visit is required prior to the approval. Where an approval visit is not practical a centre may be granted approval, and pending a physical inspection as soon as first learner registration take place.


Stage 3:

  • Successful centre is advised officially and sent Centre Agreement to be signed.
  • Ukap send an Approved Centre Certificate by post.



  • The centre approval process takes about 2 weeks from the receipt of complete application.
  • All centre approval decision is made based on the application and the approval visit report where applicable.
  • New centres that are still in process of completing documentation or refurbishment of premises will be provisionally approved- with a six months grace period followed by a review visit.